Quality & Safety Of Our Products


I. The Ingredients

We source our ingredients from around the world to bring you the highest quality of plant based vitamins and minerals. Super Easy Nutrition does not grow our own ingredients. This is because the composition of the plant’s growing soil is just as important as the plant itself. The formulas wouldn’t have the same potency if we imported seeds and grew ingredients ourselves. The plants we use are grown in their natural native habitat so that they’ll deliver the level of nutrients we need to effectively produce SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator. In order to ensure quality, we test each batch of received ingredients for proper botanical and amino acid levels.

The ingredients used to make SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator were chosen for their high levels of specific vitamins and minerals. Most of the plants we use, such as the Ashwagandha root, have historically been used in regions all around the world to address health and wellness concerns. Super Easy Nutrition brings these botanical benefits to you in a cutting edge new health program which features four easy to consume liquid formulas.

II. The Production Process

Once our ingredients arrive at the production facility, they’re handled in accordance with the standards set forth by GMP and NSF. The manufacturing facilities that we utilize exceed the highest expectations of the nutraceutical industry. Each ingredient is handled in ways that ensure freshness and limit nutrient loss. First, we test each ingredient shipment we receive for botanical and amino acid levels. Then, the plants and herbs are put through a liquid extraction process. We use 6-8 pounds of herbs per gallon of liquid extract in our formula. Some nutraceutical companies only use 1-2 pounds of herbs per gallon of liquid extract. SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator is created to be a professional grade program for use by all people.

Our formulas contain important nutritional elements that are often missing from traditional pill supplements. Since we start with globally sourced plants, SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator delivers the extra ingredients, like bioflavinoids, that are necessary for your body to effectively absorb nutrients essential for balanced health. Our finished product delivers results because it includes everything as nature intended.

III. Industry Standards

Super Easy Nutrition abides by guidelines set forth by the American Food and Drug Administration that govern the safety standards for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Our headquarters and contracted manufacturing facilities model the rules and regulations within the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. Read a full list of FDA Requirements for supplements.